Colloquia on Interreligious Dialogue

The Boston College Coloquia on Interreligious Dialogue has brought together scholars from different religions and various parts of the world to focus on fundamental questions in Interreligious Dialogue.

Boston College Conferences on Interreligious Dialogue (2008-2012)

Women and Interreligious Dialogue

September 20–22, 2012

Even though women are still often absent from dialogues between official representatives of different religions and bypassed for high level appointments in dialogue organizations, they have contributed significantly and in different ways to advancing interreligious dialogue and interfaith or comparative theology. At this conference, we both look back and look forward to the voices of women in interreligious dialogue. Looking back, papers focus on how women have shaped the dialogue between religions, and/or how interreligious dialogue has shaped the self-understanding of women in a particular religion. What are some of the topics or themes in interreligious dialogue which have caught the imagination of women in particular religious traditions? What have been some of the main contributions of particular women to the theological or systematic dialogue between religions? Looking forward, papers may reflect on challenges and promises for women’s contribution to interreligious dialogue. Does it still make sense to speak of a distinctive role for women in dialogue in light of contemporary gender theories? If so, what might be the contents and/or the nature of such dialogue? What are some of the pressing issues in interreligious dialogue which might profit from the input from women or from gender studies?

Opening Plenary, September 20, 2012

"Women and Interfaith Dialogue: Toward a Transnational Feminism"
Rosemary Radford Ruether, Pacific School of Religion and the Graduate Theological Union
5:00 p.m.
Heights Room, Corcoran Commons, Boston College
Free and open to the public

Dover Speakers, September 21–22

Jeannine Hill-Fletcher
Angela Wong
Mara Brecht
Michelle Voss-Roberts
Rita Gross
Anne Klein
Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer
Katharina von Kellenbach
Zayn Kassam
Aysha Hidayatullah
Sue Levi Elwell

Books from the Interreligious Dialogue Series

Criteria of Discernment in Interreligious Dialogue
Edited by Catherine Cornille

Interreligious Hermeneutics
Edited by Catherine Cornille, Christopher Conway

Women and Interreligious Dialogue
Edited by Catherine Cornille, Jillian Maxey

Interreligious Dialogue and Cultural Change
Edited by Catherine Cornille, Stephanie Corigliano

The World Market and Interreligious Dialogue
Edited by Catherine Cornille, Glenn Willis

Books from series


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