Degree Programs

The Sociology department offers three degree programs: a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, a five-year combination BA and MA in Sociology, and a five-year combination of a BA in Sociology and MS in Social Work.

DegreeDescriptionHow to Apply
B.A.The undergraduate program in Sociology is designed to satisfy the intellectual and career interests of students who are concerned about what is happening in their society and in their daily personal interactions. It prepares students for occupations or for graduate study in sociology, social work, urban affairs, governmental administration, criminal justice, law, education, etc.

Office of Undergraduate Admission

Once enrolled, come to McGuinn 426 to become a Sociology major or minor.

B.A./M.A.Combination Bachelor's and Master's in Sociology in five years. Prepares students for careers in the area of social research, applied sociological analysis, and basic college-level teaching, while also providing the foundation for advanced graduate-level study toward the Ph.D. Admission is very selective normally, a student must have an overall GPA of at least 3.5 after five semesters, with at least a 3.5 GPA in sociology courses.The application process should begin in the first semester of the junior year. Submit, in addition to the Grad School of Arts & Sciences requirements, a statement of purpose, a writing sample, and any other information that might enhance your candidacy. GREs are recommended but not required. Apply Online. The deadline for application is February 1. For more information, consult Professor Wen Fan.
B.A./M.S.W.Combination Bachelor's in Sociology and Master's in Social Work in five years. The B.A. will be awarded with the student's undergraduate class; the Master's degree will be awarded one year later.Sociology majors should choose this program by April 15 of their sophomore year so that the required course sequence and degree requirements can be fulfilled. For details, see Professor Gustavo Morello.

For a brief overview of the undergraduate program in sociology, see our Major/Minor Requirements.