Other Opportunities to Learn French on Campus

Along with our regular courses, the French Language Program provides BC students with other opportunities to make contact with the French language and the rich variety of cultures in the Francophone world.

Language Lab

The Language Lab serves as a center that provides for the learning and teaching needs of the many different language departments at Boston College. It boasts an extensive collection of textbooks, films, teaching materials, technological equipment, and multimedia language learning tools. The Laboratory, located in Lyons 313, is run by accommodating staff and is accessible throughout the week.

BC French students can individually also take advantage of the many opportunities facilitated by the Language Laboratory which includes a variety of resources for French learners:

  1. French language learning titles (including textbooks/workbook-lab manuals/audio and/or video programs)
  2. Documentary or feature-length films on DVD or VHS video
  3. French music recordings
  4. French language reference books (dictionaries, grammar texts)

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Language Lab French Resources