Curriculum and Courses

Alliance française (Bordeaux, France) Photo by Javel

The French language curriculum offers language instruction over four years. Students are required to follow the sequence, as our courses have been designed in order that students learn the language progressively:

  • Elementary French I (FREN1009)
  • Elementary French II (FREN1010)
  • Intermediate French I (FREN1109)
  • Intermediate French II (FREN1110)
  • Conversation, Composition and Reading I (CCR1) (FREN2209)
  • Conversation, Composition and Reading II** (CCR2) (FREN2210)
  • Foundation Courses** (FREN3305 Introduction to Drama and Poetry, FREN3306 Introduction to Narrative Forms, FREN 3307 Masterpieces of French Literature, FREN3308 Advanced Language Studies, FREN 3309 Topics in French and Civilization)

** Foundation Courses provide the bridge between CCR II and Advanced French Literature and Culture Courses (FREN44400 and above). The Foundation Courses focus on advanced grammar review and critical interpretation of literary and cultural texts. Students are advised to complete at least two Foundation Courses before taking a FREN44400-level course.

** Conversation, Composition and Reading II (FREN2210) and the Foundation Courses are approved courses for the major in French. CCR 1 (FREN2209), CCR2 (FREN2210) and the Foundation Courses being approved courses for the minor. See Language courses for the major and minor.


  • Elementary French I (FREN10009) and Intermediate French I (FREN1109) are only offered in the fall.
  • Elementary French II (FREN1010) and Intermediate French II (FREN1110) are only offered in the spring.
  • CCR1 (FREN2209) is offered in the fall only.
  • CCR2 (FREN2210) is offered in the spring only.
  • Foundatation Courses are offered both in the fall and in the spring.

In addition to these courses, we offer practica in Elementary (Elementary French Practicum I, FREN1011 and Elementary French Practicum II, FREN1012), Intermediate (Intermediate French Practicum I, FREN1013 and Intermediate French Practicum II FREN1014) and CCR (CCR French Practicum I FREN2217). These intensive, one-hour supplementary courses give French students the extra practice they need to fine-tune their French skills at the Elementary, Intermediate and CCR levels.