Career Paths of Masters Graduates

The following list gives only the first placement of our alumni upon graduating from our program, but in a few cases their career status has been able to be updated.

Alberg, Christopher - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1999. Teacher, Walpole High School, MA.

Alberti, Gina - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2011. Teacher, Winchester High School, MA.

Alkan, Didem - M.A. French 2014. Doctoral student, Boston University.

Allen, Astrid - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2006. Teacher, Brookline High School, MA.

Altoff Blanc, Shelbrey - M.A. French 2001. Teacher, Holy Name High School, Parma Heights, OH.

Bagarella, Katie-Nicole - M.A. Italian 2011. Doctoral Student, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (completed). Instructor, Modern Languages Dept., Boston Latin School.

Barello, Simona - M.A. French 1998. Ph.D. program in French, New York University.

Barni, Chiara - M.A. Italian 2019. Ph.D. program in Italian, Notre Dame University.

Barrientos, Luz - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2001. Teacher, Wellesley High School, MA.

Barski, Tera - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2003. National Clinical Research Coordinator for Hepatitis C Study, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA.

Bartels-Marrero, Sarah - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2002. Instructor, now Principal, The Amigos School, Cambridge, MA.

Bartlett, Nicole - M.A. French 2000. Volunteer Tutor, River School, Weston, MA.

Battaglia Keohane, Lauren - M.A. Italian 2008. Brand Analyst at National Grid, MA.

Bent, Cynthia - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1993. Teacher and Department Chair, Concord-Carlisle High School, MA.

Bergin, Carole - M.A. French 2000. Preceptor in French, Harvard University.

Boglione, Ricardo - M.A. Italian 2001; Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania. Instructor, Società Dante Alighieri, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Bollinger, Jessica L. - M.A./M.B.A. 2006. Associate, Lane Berry Investment Bank, Denver, CO.

Borrero, Robert "Henry" - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2001. Clinical Instructor, Fordham University.

Braico, Giovanni - M.A. Italian 2011. Ph.D. program in Italian, New York University (completed 2018). Instructor, Fairfield University.

Brown, Alexandra - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2017. Ph.D. program in Spanish at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bulman, Maura - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1997. Teacher and Department Chair, Marshfield High School, MA.

Calabria, Felicia - M.A. Italian 2006. Bigelow High School, MA.

Carcia, Angela - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2002. Spanish Teacher and Director of Diversity, Rivers School, Weston, MA.

Cecchelli, Chiara - M.A. Italian 2011. Doctoral Student, University of California, Berkeley.

Chiasson, Richard - M.A. French. Professor and Department Chair, Bunker Hill Community College, MA.

Connolly, Mark W. - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2002. Teacher, Milton Academy, MA.

Cotter, Kristin - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2003. Elementary School Teacher, Milton, MA.

Crowley, Jaime - B.A. French 1991, M.A. French 1996. Assistant Principal at Mt. Hope High School, Bristol, RI. In 2009 he won the Milken Award for RI and was named Rhode Island Assistant Principal of the Year.

Cuenca, Daniel - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2014. Doctoral student, Boston University.

D’Aleo, Nicole - M.A. Italian 2011. Teacher, Newton North High School, MA.

Dacci, Caterina - M.A. Italian 1994. On-site Coordinator, BC Program in Parma, Italy.

Davy, Jerrica - M.A. French 2020. Teacher of French, The Town School, San Francisco, CA.

Deblois, Carrie - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2007. Teacher, Acton-Boxborough High School, MA.

Decoff, Tiffany - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2006. Teacher, Danvers High School, MA.

DeFalco, Davide - M.A. Italian 2019. Instructor, Newton Country Day School, Newton, MA.

De Santo, Paola - M.A. Italian. Ph.D. program in French, Harvard University (completed 2014). Assistant Professor of Italian, University of Georgia

Del Rossi, Gabriel - M.A. Italian 2003. Ski Instructor, Bike Tour Leader, Aosta, Italy.

Di Nanno, Lisa - M.A. Italian 2008. Lecturer, Salem State College, MA.

Di Stefano, Alessandro - M.A. Italian 2013. Doctoral student, University of Indiana.

Drain Cronin, Jacqui - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1996. High School Teacher, Noble and Greenough, Dedham, MA.

Duarte, Tanya - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2004. Elementary School Teacher, Devotion School, Brookline, MA.

Eldredge, Adrienne - M.A. French 2013. Doctoral Student, University of Connecticut.

Falanga, Jane - M.A. Italian 2011. Nurse Practitioner Candidate at MGH Institute of Health Professions, MA.

Falcone (Rosenberg), Alyssa -  M.A. in Italian 2011.  Ph.D. program, Johns Hopkins University

Fazzino-Farah, Carmela - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1998. Managing Editor, ESL, Cengage Learning, Boston, MA.

Ferroni, Kelly - M.A. Italian 2010. Doctoral Student, Boston College.

Finch, Meredith - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2015. Instructor of Spanish, Tabor Academy, Marion, MA.

Findiku, Adriana - M.A. Italian 2006. Lecturer, Suffolk University.

Flores, Marcial - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2001. Lecturer, Northeastern University.

Franzino, Nina - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2011. Teacher, Inly School, MA.

Fratto, Francesco - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1996. District-wide Coordinator of Languages Other Than English and English as a Second Language, Half Hollow Hills Central School District, NY; Member, Board of Directors of the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Frau, Ombretta - M.A. Italian 1998. Ph.D. program in Italian Harvard University. Dorothy Rooke McCulloch Professor of Italian and Chair, Dept. of Romance Languages and Cultures. Mt. Holyoke College.

Gentile, Brook - M.A. French 2000. Consultant, Deloitte and Touche, NYC.

Gianetti, Isaia - M.A. Italian 2005. Lecturer, Suffolk University.

Gilbert, Bill C. - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1995. Teacher, John Burroughs School, St. Louis, MO.

Gilbert, Dennis A. - M.A. French 2004. Lecturer of French, College of Liberal Arts, UMass/Boston.

Girardi, Chiara - M.A. Italian 2015. Doctoral Student, Johns Hopkins University.

González Tosat, Clara - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2018. Ph.D. program in Spanish at the Universidad de Navarra, Spain.

Gonzalez, Gilmar - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1993. Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia.

Hall Herisson, Amber - M.A. French 2005. French Literature Teacher, International School of Paris.

Harmer, Kelsey - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2012. Teacher, Saint Joseph Preparatory High School, MA.

Hartman, Alan - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2005. M.A. program in Italian, Middlebury College. Assistant Professor of Spanish and Italian and Program Director, Modern Foreign Languages Dept., Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Haynes, Gisselle - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2019. Instructor of English, Meddeas Program, Huelva, Spain.

Hernandez Guerrero, Olmanda - M.A. in Hispanic Studies 2000. Lecturer, Brandeis University.

Hill, Ethan - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2022. Ph.D. program, Stanford University.

Hubman, Shelly - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1998. Lecturer, Pima Community College, and Kiva Volunteer in Tucson, AZ.

Iacobelli, Natalia - M.A. Italian 2009. Lecturer, College of the Holy Cross, MA.

Jackson, Anna - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2019. Instructor of Spanish, Saint Columbkille Partnership School, Brighton, MA.

Kelly, Michael J. - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2004. Lecturer, Boston College.

Kumi Achaew, Lily - M.A. Italian 2019. Instructor, Newton Country Day School, Newton, MA

Kuzemczak, Angela - M.A. Italian 2013. Teacher, Watertown Middle School, MA.

La Rosa, Giuliana - M.A. Italian 2014. Lecturer in Italian, Salem State University, MA.

Ladrón de Guevara Parra, Juan - M.A., Hispanic Studies, 2008. Docente, Coordinación Proyecto MUSA, Área de Bienestar Universitario, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Tras la sombra del insomne (novel). Madrid-London-New York: Niram Art, 2013.

Lafond, Christopher - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1994. Lecturer and Assistant Coordinator of Intermediate Spanish, Boston College.

Langeland Scarpaci, Maija - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2003. Teacher, Hamilton-Wenham High School, MA.

Lara, David - M.A. Italian 2015. Doctoral Student, University of Connecticut (Storrs).

Lavalle, Kate - M.A. French 2008. Teacher, Milton Public Schools French Immersion School, MA.

Lehman, Sara - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1998; Ph.D. program in Hispanic Studies, Boston University. Professor of Spanish, Fordham University.

Leto, Valeria - M.A. Italian 2013. Instructor, Boston College, MA.

Li, Xiaoxi - M.A. French 2020.  Ph.D. Program in French at the Pennsylvania State University.

Link, Sarah - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2005. Freelance Editor, Spanish-language textbooks.

Livingstone, Victoria - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2009. Doctoral Student, Boston University, MA.

Loberg, Lisa - M.A. French 2001. Director of Study Abroad Center and Senior Lecturer in French, The California Lutheran University.

Locicero, Lisa - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1990. Teacher and 11th Grade Principal, Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI.

Locilento, Emilio - M.A. Italian 2003. Proprietor, "Tutto Italiano" gourmet food chain, Boston area.

Lopez De Haro, Fabiana - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2006. Teacher, Ransom Everglades School, Coconut Grove, FL.

Lopez Suarez, Azahara - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2010. Teacher, Newton Country Day School, MA.

Malinoski, Magdalena - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2006. PhD Candidate, Boston University.

Manansala, Katherine - M.A. French 2018. Ph.D. program in French, Columbia University.

Marcangeli, Riccardo - M.A. Italian 2020.  Ph.D. program in Italian Literature and Cinema at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Mazzola, Emilio - M.A. Italian 2000. Teacher, Newton North High School, MA.

McBride, Alexis - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2012. Instructor, Boston College, MA. Doctoral student, Vanderbilt University.

McCormick, Victoria - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2019. Instructor of Spanish, Ayer-Shirley Regional High School, MA.

Mejia, Edgar - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2000; Ph.D. Boston University. Assistant Professor of Spanish, Providence College, RI.

Melon, Wilson Judd - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2009. Ph.D. Candidate, Purdue University.

Merolla, Carmela - M.A. Italian 2009. FT Lecturer, Tufts University, MA.

Miranda Castro, Marco Antonio - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1996. Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia.

Mirete, Marta - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2019. Instructor of Spanish, Excel Academy Charter High School, East Boston, MA.

Misuraca, Elizabetta - M.A. Italian 2006. Italian Instructor, Bryant University, Smithfield, RI.

Moore Thakkar, Laurie - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2004. Instructor, Florida Community College, Kent Campus, Jacksonville, FL.

Morello, Valentina - M.A. Italian 2015. Doctoral Student, University of Wisconsin.

Musilwa, Lynda - M.A. French 2020.  Ph.D. Program in French at Princeton University.

Neary, Louise - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1990; Ph.D. University of Illinois. Adjunct Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University.

Newell, Thea - M.A. in French 2016. Editorial Assistant, Hachette Publishing Co.

Noudou, Anik-Laure - M.A. French 2017. Ph.D. program in French, Boston University.

Orfao, Eliza - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2003. Teacher, Fairfield Ludlowe High School, CT.

Ovalle-Child, Arlene - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2006. Ph.D. Candidate, Boston University.

Park, Holly - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1999. Social Services Supervisor, West Side Campaign Against Hunger, NYC.

Paronzini, Nicole - M.A. Italian 2015. Doctoral Student, City University of New York.

Pastor, Clara - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2006. Editor, Editorial Crítica, Barcelona, Spain.

Pellegrino, Deborah - M.A. Italian 2013. Doctoral student, New York University.

Perreta, Lori Ann - M.A. Italian 2006. Teacher, Winchester High School, MA.

Piccolo, Rita - M.A. Italian 1999. Assistant Director for Study Abroad, Boston College.

Pieck, Regina - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2017. Ph.D. program in Spanish at Brown University.

Pistone, Patrizia - M.A. Italian 2008. Teacher, Watertown High School, MA.

Pizzolanti, Michela - M.A. Italian 2005. Teacher, Arcadia High School, Greece, NY.

Powers, Thomas J. - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2011. Lecturer, Buffalo State College, Canisius College, and Daemen College, NY.

Prescott, Brittany - M.A. French 2015. Doctoral Student, Brown University.

Quaranta, Kaitlyn - M.A. French 2016. Ph.D. program in French, Brown University.

Reyes-Cubides, William - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2011. Lecturer, Cornell University, NY.

Rodomonti, Patrizia - M.A. Italian 2002. Lecturer, Harvard University.

Rogers, Noreen - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2012. Teacher, Parker Middle School, MA.

Ronfard, Isabelle - M.A. French 2002. Oakhill Middle School, Newton, MA.

Ross, Stephen - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1993. Teacher, Newton Country Day, MA.

Sanchez, Silvana - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2002. Teacher, North Providence High School, RI.

Sanders, Heather - M.A. in French 2017. Ph.D. program in French, University of Texas, Austin.

Santander Atauchi, Tania - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2005. Instructor, Stonehill College, and St. John's Seminary, MA.

Schneider, Federico M.A., Italian, 1996; Ph.D. Yale. Associate Professor, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA. Pastoral Drama and Healing in Early Modern Italy, Ashgate, 2010. Unsuspected Competitive Contexts in Early Opera: Monteverdi's Milanese Challenge to Florence's Euridice (1600), Rome: Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, 2016.

Schulze, Cristina - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2000; Ph.D. Boston University. Teaching Assistant, Harvard University; Recipient of the Certificate of Distinction in Teaching.

Setzer, Jessica - M.A. French 2002. Teacher, Charlotte Country Day, NC.

Sewall, Alexandra - M.A. French 2003. Teacher, French Immersion Elementary School, Milton, MA; Recipient of the Milton Foundation for Educations' 2006 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.

Sopko Hee, Jennifer - M.A.T. Hispanic Studies 1999. Teacher, Newton South High School, MA.

Stern, Kristen - M.A. French 2009. Ph.D. program in French, Boston University. Assistant Professor of Francophone Studies University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Strayer, Michael - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2008. English composition teacher/volunteer, Okomfo Anoyke Secondary School, Wiamoase, Ghana.

Sweeney, Laura - M.A. Italian 2004. Teacher, Newton North High School, MA.

Tarascio, Michael - M.A. Italian 2008. Teacher, Billerica Memorial High School, MA.

Thomas Shaw, Karen - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1999. Teacher, Hingham High School, MA.

Tortolani, Lisa - M.A. Italian 2013. Instructor, University of Rhode Island, RI.

Trombetta, Annalisa - M.A. Italian 2007. Teacher, Lexington High School, MA.

Tzikas, Teresita - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1994. English Language Learners' Program Coordinator, Newton Public Schools, MA.

Vargas Zuleta, Laura - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2019. Ph.D. Program in Hispanic Studies, Duke University.

Vecchio (Alvárez), Gabriela - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2009. Instructor, Marquette University, WI.

Verjat, Natalia - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2005. Teacher, Keller Independent School District, Keller, TX; Instructor, Tarrant County Community College, Fort Worth, TX.

Vincent, Sarah - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2004. Teacher, Woburn High School, MA.

Volpe, Iolanda - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1995. Teacher, Concord-Carlisle High School, MA.

Wacks, David - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1998; Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley. Associate Professor, University of Oregon- Eugene. Framing Iberia: Maqamat and Frametale Narratives in Medieval Spain (Medieval and Early Modern Iberian World), Brill Academic Publishers, 2007. Co-editor of Wine, Women And Song: Hebrew And Arabic Literature In Medieval Iberia. Juan de La Cuesta-Hispanic Monographs, 2004.

White, Bryan - M.A. French 2018.  Ph.D. program in French, Vanderbilt University.

Wirth, Petra - M.A. Italian 1998; Ph.D. UCLA. Faculty Fellow in French and Italian, Colby College.

Wood Lange, Catherine - M.A. Hispanic Studies 1992; Ph.D. SUNY-Stony Brook. Shaping the madre patria: Spanish and Argentinean Icons of the 1940s, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2008.

Zuleta, Laura Vargas - M.A. Hispanic Studies 2020.  Ph.D. Program in Romance Studies at Duke University.