Diversity and Inclusion

The following statements were drafted by department members including faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and research staff. They were unanimously approved by the faculty.

The Boston College Department of Psychology and Neuroscience commits to the following:

Hiring and Admissions. We resolve to increase the percentage of faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students from under-represented minority backgrounds. To that end, we will invest in recruiting, hiring, and admission practices to increase the percentage of Black and under-represented minority faculty, postdocs and graduate students. In the near term we seek, with each round of hiring and admissions, to increase representation in our department to better align with the diversity of the BC undergraduate population. In the longer-term, we seek to achieve representation of under-represented groups that is in closer alignment with national demographics.

Climate. We commit to supporting the well-being of all our students and colleagues. We pledge to promote a climate of diversity and inclusion, encourage open dialogue and transparency, and stand against racism and all other forms of discrimination. We will conduct surveys to assess and better understand the type of systemic racism and biases that we may have in our community so that we can better address the underlying issues with targeted strategies. We will establish resources for anonymous reporting, to promote accountability within our department and to enhance positive interpersonal interactions. We will regularly assess the departmental climate to update our actions to increase the diversity and inclusivity of the department.

Curriculum. We commit to evaluating and updating our course material to include and inform diverse perspectives. We aim to offer a curriculum that empowers students with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Think critically about rich variation in the psychology of different groups and individuals

  • Consider and appreciate the psychology of intergroup relations, including issues of dominance and marginalization

  • Analyze psychology as a human endeavor that informs and is informed by broader culture

Support. We resolve to identify equity gaps in students’ preparation for our courses and graduate programs and to take concrete steps to address any that we find.

Application Mentorship Program

The Application Mentorship Program (AMP) is a student-run initiative in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Boston College that offers mentorship to prospective applicants to our doctoral program who are from underrepresented backgrounds. The goal of this program is to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our department as well as in our field by mentoring prospective applicants who may not have access to this type of one-on-one mentorship, or the institutional knowledge and other privileges that have traditionally helped pave the road for applicants into competitive Ph.D. programs.

Ph.D. Application Mentorship Program (AMP) Deadline

November 15