Political Science Faculty

Jennie Purnell

Associate Professor


Jennie Purnell’s research focuses on social movements and other forms of contentious politics with an emphasis on Latin America. Her most recent publications include "Citizens and Sons of the Pueblo: National and Local Identities in the Making of the Mexican Nation,” in Ethnic and Racial Studies (2002) and Popular Movements and State Formation in Revolutionary Mexico: The Agraristas and Cristeros of Michoacan (Durham: Duke University Press, 1999). Forthcoming work includes “The Chegomista Rebellion in Juchitán, 1911-1912: Rethinking the Role of 'Traditional' Caciques in Resisting Central State Power," to be published in Caciques and Caudillos in 20th Century Mexico (Alan Knight and Will Pansters, eds., University of Texas Press.) She is currently working on a book on 19th century state formation and the persistence of communal identities, institutions, and conflicts in southern Mexico.