25th WIEN2k Workshop
June 12 - 16, 2018
Boston College

The 25th international WIEN2k workshop is a hands-on tutorial approach to teach the band structure calculations using Density Functional Theory to graduate students and researchers from industry and academia. Boston College is proud to organize the WIEN2k workshop from June 12 to 16, 2018. WIEN2k is one of the most popular DFT packages to perform Full Potential LAPW calculations accessible to both experimentalists and theorists. The Workshop is aimed at graduate students and researchers from industry and academia. The only pre-requisite is to have a basic knowledge of solid state physics and chemistry. It is planned as a four-day event with lectures on the scientific aspects of the method, applications, and hands-on exercises on selected examples. A variety of exercises are presented in the workshop to satisfy both the beginner and the advanced users of WIEN2k. The instructors at the workshop are the developers of the WIEN2k package from the University of Vienna.

For more information on WIEN2k see the WIEN2k homepage.