Department of Physics Faculty

Baldassare Di Bartolo

Professor Emeritus

Selected Publications


Lezioni sulla Teoria Matematica della Communicazione (Lessons on the  Mathematical Theory of Communication), by B. Di Bartolo and R. Vinciguerra, Liguori Publisher, Naples, 1955.

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Classical Theory of Electromagnetism, 2nd Edition, World Scientific, New Jersey, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, 2004, winner of the 2006 Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Book Award in the Natural Sciences.

Optical Interactions in Solids, 2nd Edition, World Scientific 2010

Lattice Vibrations and Optical Spectroscopy of Solids: A Group-Theoretical

Approach, by B. Di Bartolo and R. Powell, World Scientific, 2014


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G. Bilir and B Di Bartolo, “Production of Bright, Wideband White Light from Y2O3 Nano-powders Induced by Laser Diode Emission” – Patent Pending

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