Incoming Faculty and Visitors

The department welcomes two new full time faculty in Fall 2019

Elisa Magri

Elisa Magri comes to us from UCD School of Philosophy. She received her Ph.D and Research MA in Philosophy from the Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) in Pisa (Italy). Her areas of specialization include post-Kantian philosophy and XX century phenomenology, but she also has research interests in applied phenomenology, feminist phenomenology, and philosophy of emotions.

Katie Rapier

Katie Rapier comes to us from Washington University in St. Louis. She received her BA from Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY and PhD and MA from Washington University. AOS: Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Ethics. AOC:Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Biomedical Ethics, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion.

We also welcome part time faculty for Fall 2019

Matt Dill

Matt Dill received his PhD from Boston University. AOS: 19th & 20th Century Continental Philosophy Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art Social & Political Philosophy. AOC: Ethics & Moral Psychology Ancient Philosophy Buddhist Philosophy (Esp. Kyoto School). He will be teaching Philosophy of the Person.

Guy Schuh

Guy Schuh received his PhD from Boston University. AOS: Ancient Philosophy. AOC: Ethics, Phenomenology, Medieval, Classical Chinese Philosophy. He will be teaching Philosophy of the Person.