Waaw Waaw BC - West African Music Ensemble

Waaw Waaw BC - West African Music Ensemble

Waaw Waaw BC - the West African Music Ensemble specializes in sabar, a drumming and dance style from Senegal. Performed in many contexts, the sabar is heard at baptisms, weddings, wrestling matches, political and community gatherings, the Black Panther soundtrack, and most notably in mbalax, Senegal's most popular urban dance music. Students will learn the repertoire performed at these events in weekly classes taught by Lamine Touré, a master drummer from one of Senegals oldest griot families.

Our classes encourage collective participation, fun, and a deeper understanding of a millennia-old drumming tradition. The ensemble is inspired by the Wolof expression "waaw waaw," a positive affirmation meaning "Yes!!", "That's Right," Good Job, and "Excellent."

We welcome students, faculty, staff, African music fans, and members of the Boston community. We provide the drums.

Classes meet Wednesdays and Fridays afternoons

No experience necessary - all levels are welcome

For more information, please contact Prof. Timothy Mangin at timothy.mangin@bc.edu