Detailed Description of Advanced Coursework

We would like to have a good understanding of the advanced mathematics you've studied, so we're asking for an expanded listing of your advanced math courses. Generally, this would include courses beyond Calculus and beyond Linear Algebra. An exception might be a course titled "Advanced Calculus" if that course is, in actuality, a course in analysis.

We don't want this to be burdensome, so don't obsess over whether or not you covered a particular section in the text for a particular course. Do try to convey what went on in the course. Note that:

  1. Courses with broad titles (e.g. "Readings and Research") will require a bit more explanation.
  2. Graduate courses should be designated as such in the "Course" line.
  3. Listings of courses taken at an institution other than the school at which you received your degree should have the name of the relevant institution in the "Course" line.

Here are some examples of detailed course descriptions:

Course: MT 310, Abstract Algebra
Grade: A-
Professor: L. Grove
Text: Fraleigh, "A First Course in Abstract Algebra" (7th ed.)
Scope of Course: Groups, rings and fields. We covered sections 0-11, 13-15, 18-23, 26, 27.

Course: MT 499, Readings and Research
Grade: A
Professor: J. Foxx
Text: DoCarmo, "Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces"
Scope of Course: This course focused on Differential Geometry. I read the text and was graded on weekly homework assignments. We covered much of Chapters 1-4 (Curves, Regular Surfaces, Gauss Map, Intrinsic Geometry of Surfaces) in DoCarmo.