Recent History Ph.D. Graduates


Peter Berard

Dissertation Title: "Managing Revolution: Cold War Counterinsurgency and Liberal Governance"
Advisor: Seth Jacobs
Position: Program and Training Manager, Scholarly Strategy Network

Michael Franczak

Dissertation Title: "Free Markets, Human Rights, and Global Power: American Foreign Policy in the North-South Dialogue, 1971-1982"
Advisors: James Cronin and Seth Jacobs
Position: Henry Chauncey Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Yale University

Craig Gallagher

Dissertation Title: "Covenants and Commerce: Scottish Networks and the Making of the British Atlantic World"
Advisor: Owen Stanwood
Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Boston College

Felix Jiménez Botta

Dissertation Title: "Embracing Human Rights: Grassroots Solidarity Activism and Foreign Policy in Seventies West Germany"
Advisor: Devin Pendas

Adam Rathge

Dissertation Title: "Cannabis Cures: American Medicine, Mexican Marijuana, and the Origins of the War on Weed, 1840-1937"
Advisor: Martin Summers
Position: Director of Enrollment Strategies, University of Dayton

Carolyn Twomey

Dissertation Title: "Living Water, Living Stone: The History and Material Culture of Baptism in Early Medieval England, c. 600 - c. 1200"
Advisor: Robin Fleming

Allison Vander Broek

Dissertation Title: "Rallying the Right-to-Lifers: Grassroots Religion and Politics in the Building of a Broad-Based Right-to-Life Movement, 1960-1984"
Advisor: James O'Toole