F r i d a y,  M a r c h  2 3 ,  2 0 1 8

Keynote Address

The Saint in the Garden: New Considerations on Representation
Friday Afternoon, 3:00 p.m.
Gasson Hall, Room 305
Patricia Appelbaum, Author of St. Francis of America: How a Thirteenth-Century Friar Became America’s Most Popular Saint

Session #1

Friday Afternoon, 4:15-5:45 p.m.
Location: Third Floor of Gasson Hall

Panel A: Religious Reform (Mis)Represented

Anna Akasoy, The Graduate Center and Hunter College, City University of New York

“Martin Luther’s New Religion: Muslim Representations of the Reformation”

Alexander Baltovski, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

“Jeremy Taylor and Religious Identity in Early Modern Ireland”

Katrina Wheeler, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

“Misrepresenations of Huguenots in History and Modern Scholarship”

Chair: Owen Stanwood, Boston College

Panel B: Women, Racism, and Religious Insanity

Alexandra Prince, University at Buffalo

“Religious Insanity in Post-Emancipation Jamaica and the Politics of Historical Memory”

Kathy Cooke, University of South Alabama

“Representing Conversion: Ecstasy, Agency, and Race Betterment in Nineteenth Century America”

Courtney Lacy, Southern Methodist University

“Wearing Insanity: A Study in the Spectacle of Religiously Insane Women of the Nineteenth Century”

Chair: Martin Summers, Boston College

Panel C: Faith on Canvas

Geoffrey Pollick, Sweet Briar College

“Visualizing the ‘Poetry of Life’: Reconfiguring Religion through the Ashcan School of American Painters in the Pages of The Masses”

Caroline M. Culp, Stanford University

“Copley’s Magicked Canvases: Portraits and Power in Early America”

June-Ann Greeley, Sacred Heart University

“Beyond Meaning: Christ and Crucifixion in the Art of William Congdon”

Chair: Judith Bookbinder, Boston College

Reception and Dinner

Friday Evening, 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Location: Walsh Function Room

S a t u r d a y,  M a r c h  2 4 ,  2 0 1 8

Continental Breakfast

Saturday Morning, 8:00 a.m.
Location: Third Floor of Gasson Hall

Session #2

Saturday Morning, 8:45 – 10:15 a.m.
Location: Third Floor of Gasson Hall

Panel D: Violence, War, and Redemption

David Babaian, University of Massachusetts Boston

“Notes of an African Muslim, Enslaved in North Carolina, on the Possibility of Christians Entering Heaven”

Renée Lafferty-Salhany, Brock University

“‘The Account We Must Render to God’: Luck, Prayer, and Providence in the Winning and Losing of the War of 1812”

Lauren Jannette, George Washington University

“The Church v. Romain Rolland: Pacifist Interpretations of Religious Texts in post-WWI France”

Chair: Michael McLean, Boston College

Panel E: Religion Before the Public

Joshua Leach, Independent Scholar, and Isaac Barnes May, University of Virginia

“Born-again Heroes versus Angsty Insiders: Comparing Protagonists in Contemporary Evangelical and Mormon Films”

Eden Consenstein, Princeton University

“‘A Book in Magazine Form’: Life Magazine’s 1955 Special Issue on Christianity”

Chair: Joanna Kelly, Boston College

Panel F: Varieties of Religious Space

Andrew S. Bethke, University of Minnesota

“Gothic Architecture, High Anglicanism, and the Representation of Banality in Late Nineteenth Century British India”

Patrick Lacroix, Phillips Exeter Academy

“American Perdition: French-Canadian Clergy and the Fate of Catholics in the United States"

Chair: John Morton, Boston College

Session #3

Saturday Morning, 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Panel G: Race, Gender, and Christian Imperialism in American Protestant Missions, 1840-1945

Jessica M. Parr, Simmons College

“‘Land of Promise’: The Respectability Politics in Alexander Crummell’s Liberia

Laura R. Prieto, Harvard Divinity School

“‘Our Nurses are Such Christians’: Filipina Women and the Work of Evangelism at a Methodist Mission Hospital, 1906-1946”

Chair: Lisa Poirer, DePaul University

Panel H: Discovering Marsh Chapel


Brother Lawrence A. Whitney, Boston University

Laura Nooney, Boston University

Charlie Guerrero, Boston University

David Bergeron-Keefe, Boston University

Panel I: Representing Judaism in American Literature and Culture

Lori Harrison-Kahan, Boston College

“‘The Searchlight of Progress’: Reform Judaism in the Fiction of Emma Wolf

Rachel Gordan, University of Florida

“Herman Wouk and the Midcentury, Middlebrow Presentation of American Judaism”

Eli Bromberg, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Black Jewish Secularity in Fran Ross’s Oreo

Chair: Ben Birnbaum, Boston College

Lunch and Film Panel

Saturday Afternoon, 12:00 – 2:30 p.m.
An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story--Featuring a discussion with historian and film producer Andrew Finstuen
Location: Third Floor of Gasson Hall