In addition to its offering German courses the German Studies Department offers other activities that help provide students with a more broad knowledge of German culture.

The German Club offers students activities throughout the year and promotes the German Table, or Stammtisch, which is a place where students can practice their German-speaking skills. The Heinz Bluhm Memorial Library is located in the German Department and is open to the entire Boston College community. The Luther Index Verborum is an ongoing major scholarly project housed in the Department with an online database of Martin Luther's Writings.

Finally, the German Department has been successful with its students applying for the Fulbright Scholarship. In 1998 seven students received the Fulbright Scholarship for post-graduate work in Germany, which was the most that year of any university in the United States. More recently in 2006-2007 we actually produced 13 Fulbright scholars. Boston Globe

"Hat flies off pointy head of middle-class man: German expressionist poetry, identity and clothing"

Boston College German Studies Associate Professor Rachel Freudenburg and her students read and discuss German expressionist poetry and their own translations of the works. The reading was held in the McMullen Museum of Art as a part of Reclaiming a Lost Generation, an exhibition of German self-portraits from the Feldberg collection that were created during the years 1923-1933.

Freudenburg is introduced by Nancy Netzer, director of the McMullen Museum of Art.

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