What the world needs

The engineers of the future will be asked to do more than build bridges. We're educating innovative thinkers whose broad knowledge and passion for helping others will set them apart in whatever career they pursue.  

A Range of Careers

Human-Centered Engineering will prepare students to be catalysts for good—whether it's in the private or public sector, industry, or non-profit realm. Potential career paths include:

Product design engineer in the healthcare sector

Environmental policy consultant

Engineer at an alternative energy startup


Technical analyst at a social impact NGO

Engineering systems specialist

Program manager in the high-tech sector

This is not engineering for engineering’s sake—this is engineering for impact.
Patrick Grady ’04, Partner at Sequoia Capital and member of the University Board of Regents scientific advisory committee

Global Issues

The threats facing society and our planet are real and rapidly progressing—but so are the technologies being developed to address them. We're educating the next generation of science thinkers to lead change where it's needed most.

Major Growth


increase in the number of engineering majors from 2008-2017


Career Prospects

1.8 M

projected number of U.S. engineering jobs by 2026