Undergraduate Research and Co-Curricular Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Boston College's Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (URF) supports research assistantships during the academic year and the summer. Application deadlines vary so please consult the university’s website detailing the program. Generally, applications are due in the weeks before a semester/summer begins.

To apply for a Fellowship please fill out the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Application form. Professor Regan will then share your dossier with the economics faculty. If a faculty member is interested he/she will contact you to arrange a meeting. If there is a match the faculty member applies for the Fellowship with your name listed as the research assistant. If accepted you will be paid at an hourly rate for the duration of the assistantship. Generally, faculty are interested in more advanced students who have completed their Theory courses and Econometrics.

For more information on the URF, please see the university's website.

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Application


  1. The application form available at the URF website is for faculty only;
  2. URFs are typically reserved for MCAS rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors;
  3. Students are in a more competitive and valuable position to assist with research after they have completed econometrics.

Students are also encouraged to reach out directly to faculty of interest regarding any possible opportunities for paid or unpaid research assistance and experience.

Co-Curriculuar Opportunities

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