M.A. in Linguistics


Students should be able to show, over the course of their studies, a working knowledge of one classical and one modern language and to have some familiarity with one additional classical language and one additional modern language. The Department expects students to have sufficient background to work successfully in graduate-level courses from other departments associated with their degree program. The Department welcomes but does not require GRE scores.

Desired Learning Outcomes

  1. The ability to explicate an extended linguistic argumentation.
  2. The ability to analyze linguistic data with a view towards making significant generalizations about the corpus of data within the framework of a theory about the nature of language.
  3. An in–depth knowledge of a specific area of emphasis tailored to the student’s interests and the ability to explicate that knowledge in oral, written, and interactive contexts.

Course Work (Residency)

Ten approved courses at graduate level (30 credits), with a distribution suited to the student's major study interests.


Covered by Sector III of the comprehensive examinations.

Comprehensive Examinations

Sector I (General Qualifying Examinations)

  1. a written review or critique of a general linguistic article
  2. a description of a limited linguistic corpus
  3. an oral colloquium on an assigned topic

Sector II (Special Field Examinations)

  1. a written review or critique of a monograph work in a specialized field
  2. teaching scripta for three lectures on a special-field topic

Sector III

A research paper on an approved topic.

The department has established exception procedures to allow limited substitution of requirements.


For Further Information Contact

Professor Michael J. Connolly
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Slavic & Eastern Languages and Literatures
Boston College
Lyons 210
Chestnut Hill, MA. 02467-3804

Telephone: 617-552-3912
Email: cnnmj@bc.edu

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