Honors Timeline

(Only Honors classes are addressed in this timeline)

Sophomore Year:

Fall Semester: Notice of eligibility sent (notification sent prior to enrollment for spring semester courses) to students with 3.70 GPA or higher.  Because of potential changes in student’s academic status (grade changes, study abroad, transfers, etc.) notification may be received anytime between Freshman Summer and Sophomore Fall.

Spring Semester:  Students will take COMM 3335 - Communication Methods: Honors (in place of COMM3330 or COMM3340).

Junior Year:

Fall or Spring Semester:  Students will enroll in COMM 4475 - Introduction to Honors.  This will count as one of the two writing seminars required for the standard major.

Study Abroad Caveat: Students who plan to study abroad during fall or spring semester of junior year should plan to complete COMM4475 – Introduction to Honors in the alternate semester (i.e., if a student plans to study abroad fall semester, they will take COMM4475 in spring semester upon return to BC).  If a student plans to study for a full year abroad it is not possible to complete the Communication Honors Program.

Senior Year:

Fall Semester:  Students will take COMM 4961 - Honors Thesis.  This course counts as one of the three communication electives required for the standard major.

The final deadline for submission of a thesis is the first study day of the fall semester. Faculty advisors and student writers should be in clear communication prior to this deadline so that the advisor’s exact specifications and revisions are fully incorporated by this date.