Core Courses

We live in a vast and complex universe and natural world, from the largest cluster of galaxies to the smallest subatomic particle. Science is our way of making sense of and understanding nature through systematic observation and experimentation. Scientific knowledge is organized through logical, theoretical, and mathematical frameworks. Mindful of the impact that discoveries and technology can have on our society, we seek to apply scientific understanding to the ultimate benefit of humankind.

Student learning outcomes for chemistry courses that satisfy the core requirement for the natural sciences

Students completing chemistry core courses will:

  1. Expand their understanding of the principles, body of knowledge and investigative strategies that comprise chemistry and its applications
  2. Develop a chemical and scientific literacy that will promote curiosity, respect for the scientific method, and general awareness of the limitations of scientific conclusions
  3. Recognize the role of scientific discovery, past, present and future, in interrelated concerns such as human health, societal well-being and planetary sustainability
  4. Appreciate the role of science and chemistry in defining their relationship with the natural world and their position within the cosmos.

Each of the following courses will satisfy one core course requirement in the natural sciences:

  • CHEM1102   Intersection of Science and Painting
  • CHEM1105   Chemistry and Society I
  • CHEM1106   Chemistry and Society II
  • CHEM1109   General Chemistry I
  • CHEM1110   General Chemistry II
  • CHEM1117   Honors Modern Chemistry I
  • CHEM1118   Honors Modern Chemistry II
  • CHEM1701   Living in the Material World