Research for Credit

Undergraduate research is worth 3 credits, can take place on or off campus, and requires the permission of the supervising faculty member. Typically, students begin pursuing research during the fall semester of their Junior year and continue through the spring semester of their Senior year. A truly useful research experience will often require a minimum of 15 hours/week, and some faculty will require students to work in the lab over the summer. The time commitment may increase as the student assumes more responsibility for designing experiments and generating data. Two semesters of undergraduate research for credit may be substituted for one Biology advanced elective, with permission from the Biology Department.

Undergraduate students have multiple opportunities to become involved in research: Advanced Lab Courses, research in a faculty lab, or off-campus research. For more information about these opportunities please see below.

Once an opportunity has been found by a student, the student must bring the Undergraduate Research Contract Form to the Biology Department for approval either before or during the course registration period. 

**Note that paid positions, both on and off-campus, do not count towards university credit.