Postdoctoral Fellows

Klemens Engelberg

Postdoctoral Fellow



Selected Publications

  • Weidner, J.M., Kanatani, S., Uchtenhagen, H., Varas-Godoy, M., Schulte, T., Engelberg, K., Gubbels, M.J., Sun, H.S., Harrison, R.E., Achour, A., Barragan, A., (2016): Migratory activation of parasitized dendritic cells by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii 14-3-3 protein. Cell Microbiol  18(11) 1537-50
  • Engelberg, K., Ivey, F.D., Lin, A., Kono, M., Lorestani, A., Fusci-Fugio, D., Gilberger, T.W., White, M., Gubbels, M.J. (2016): A MORN1-associated HAD phosphatase in the basal complex is essential for Toxoplasma gondii daughter budding. Cell Microbiol 18(8) 1153-71
  • Skariah, S., Walwyn, O., Engelberg, K., Gubbels, M.J., Kim, N., Lynch, B., Gaylets, C., Sultan, A., Mordue, D.G. (2016): Toxoplasma gondii’s FIKK kinase is not essential for the parasite’s lytic cycle. Int J Parasitol 46(5-6) 323-32

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