Diversity and Outreach

Message from the Biology Department

Ours is a community centered on science and the pursuit of scientific truths. We comprise the scientists, staff, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students of the Boston College Biology Department and the Biology Graduate Program, and we are united by a shared passion for research, teaching and mentoring in the biological sciences. We recognize that this passion will be most fully realized in an environment and a community that embraces and supports the full spectrum of human diversity, and we further believe that scientific discovery and the establishment of fundamental scientific truths is a global, human enterprise that must be free of prejudice and discrimination in order to achieve its greatest potential and to be of maximum benefit to humankind*.

For these reasons, we strive to create and consistently maintain a working community that:

  • is welcoming and inclusive
  • implements strategies to ensure equity in the recruiting and treatment of all our students, staff, scientists and faculty members
  • extends beyond our institution to encompass our extended family of colleagues and collaborators from around the world
  • requires only a commitment to our shared passion
  • is enriched by the many and varied personal, ethnic, cultural, racial and philosophical differences that comprise the one human race

It is our hope that our community, by welcoming all of those who share our passion for science, will grow and thrive and in collaboration with similar research communities around the world, will contribute in its own way to the elimination of prejudice and the advancement of science for the benefit of all.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources at BC

Office of Diversity (OID) Policies and Compliance

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OID Programs

The Office for Institutional Diversity offers a series of programs to advance and sustain the University's culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all community members.

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Thrive @ BC

More than just helping you succeed, we want to help you thrive. Find contact information and guidance on accessibility accommodations, scholarship opportunities, lactation resources, support for veterans, and more.

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