Retreat audience

Each year, the Biology Department hosts a scientific retreat for its faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to highlight current research. A tradition of the retreat is a poster session that encourages an interactive exchange of research in each lab. The department prides itself in fostering a community that advances research questions of interest. In addition to inviting other Boston College scientific researchers to learn about integrated approaches, the department invites guest speakers from across the country as well. These scientific retreats help to sustain our strong reputation as a research institute and strengthen a scientific community made up of members both inside and outside of the university.

2019 Retreat Booklet

2019 Keynote Speaker

Walther H Mothes, Ph.D.

Jason Shepherd, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Utah School of Medicine.

Dr. Shepherd’s laboratory is interested in the fundamental cellular and molecular processes that underlie memory formation. Recently, Dr. Shepherd’s team discovered a novel mechanism of neuronal communication that resembles the life-cycle of retroviruses.

Featured Speaker

Anthony T. Annunziato, PhD

Anthony T. Annunziato, PhD

Dr. Annunziato’s laboratory studies the regulation of chromatin organization during DNA replication, using biochemical analyses in mammalian cultured cells and genetic studies performed in yeast.

These retreats reflect how everyone in our department—regardless of title, role, or experience level—contributes to the advancement of research and teaching.”

Welkin Johnson, Biology Department Chair

Fisher Scientific

The Biology Department acknowledges Fisher Scientific's premium sponsorship of our 2019 Scientific Meeting.