Superintendent PLC




Rev. Ronald Nuzzi, Ph.D.

Reverend Ronald Nuzzi, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of Equitable Access and Excellence. Nuzzi most recently served as a Senior Director in the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education. In his new role, Nuzzi will lead a national effort to ensure equitable services for all students attending Catholic schools. He will also work with the Catapult Learning professional development team to develop and deliver specialized programs for Catholic school leaders across the country.


Patricia Weitzel-O'Neill, Ph.D.

Melodie Wyttenbach, Ph.D.

Melodie Wyttenbach, Ph.D., serves as the Executive Director for the Roche Center for Catholic Education and is a faculty member for the Lynch School of Education and Human Development. Melodie’s professional leadership experiences in the Catholic sector include serving as an Assistant Professor and Academic Director of the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program for the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame, as President of Nativity Jesuit Academy, and Director of Mission Effectiveness for the NativityMiguel Network of Schools, in Washington, DC. ...