Summer Book Club for Catholic Educators

Fr. Bryan Massingale's "Racial Justice and the Catholic Church

 Racial Justice and the Catholic Church by Fr. Bryan Massingale

  • 6-Week Virtual Summer Book Club for Catholic Educators
  • June 26th to July 30th 
  • Register by June 21st

Catholic schools have a long tradition of serving diverse families who seek the highest quality of education for their children. Animated by St. Ignatius' vision that we are men and women for others, Catholic educators have a responsibility to understand the depth of pain, anger, and hardship racism has caused people of color in our country. If we are to see this vision into reality, we must work for racial justice both in our Catholic church and schools. We invite you to take a step toward this vision by engaging in a six-week summer book club on Fr. Bryan Massingale’s Racial Justice and the Catholic Church that will include introspective, meaningful, and sustained conversations with other Catholic educators on racism.

At a Glance

How long will it take?

This book club will run for six weeks during the summer.

When does it start?

There will be a live presentation on Friday, June 26th at 1 p.m. EST. Small group book club conversations will begin the week of June 29th.


How much does it cost?

There is no charge to participate in the book club.  The only cost is the purchase of Fr. Bryan Massingale’s text, Racial Justice and the Catholic Church.


What is the book club format?

The book club will include small group conversations, three live virtual presentations by the Roche Center, and conclude with a virtual candlelight mass.


Frequently Asked Questions

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