Retreat for Women in Catholic Educational Leadership


About the Retreat

Since the inception of Catholic schools in the United States, women have played an integral leadership role in their founding. Inspired by Saints Elizabeth Ann Seton and Katharine Drexel, this two-day retreat for Women in Catholic Education Leadership will guide female Catholic leaders to learn, love and live their strengths. The focus of day one will be on gaining a deep understanding of and appreciation for one’s God-given talents; discovering how to build these talents into strengths; and learning to intentionally use one’s strengths for enhanced performance and success. On day two, participants will explore three keys to being a more effective leader: knowing and investing in one’s own and others’ strengths; maximizing their teams; and understanding and meeting the four basic needs of followers.

The retreat design is based on Gallup’s strengths research and participants’ CliftonStrengths assessment results. The retreat is built on the principles and practices of Dialogue Education, inspiring learners to create lasting and profound changes in their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. During the engagement, leaders will participate in a series of learning tasks tied to achievement-based objectives. Through self-reflection, pairs work, and group sharing, leaders will learn to name (identify), claim (appreciate) and aim (intentionally invest in the development and application of) their dominant talents.

Dates: Spring 2021

Location: Wiley Retreat Center, Beverly, MA