Emmaus Leadership Academies

 A sustaining professional education experience for Catholic leaders, creating change and improving schools together.

The Emmaus Story in Luke’s Gospel serves as a guiding narrative for the Emmaus Leadership Academies. We believe that experiences of encounter, accompaniment, conversation, reflection, and blessing, form the foundation of strong Catholic leadership. Together with webinars, workshops, and retreats designed to strengthen leaders for the sacred journey of Catholic School administration, they work towards the goal of transformative education. Emmaus leaders travel along the road with one another as a cohort and gain practical training to become better stewards of their calling.

The Emmaus Leadership Academies focus on leadership development in four critical domains, as defined by the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools: Catholic & Mission Identity, Governance & Leadership, Academic Excellence, and Operational Vitality. Emmaus leaders select a domain specific academy, and over the course of 10 months, learn from national experts and executive coaches on the given topic. In addition to content conversations, the experience involves two in-person retreats and executive coaching with a professional learning community.  These focused conversations strengthen one's capacity to lead their Catholic school in the chosen domain. 



Core Components of each Emmaus Leadership Academy include:

(1) Summer: Virtual Workshop & Retreat: July 28 (Due to COV-19 the summer workshop & retreat will be held virtually).

(2) Fall: Continued professional education where content is delivered virtually and participants connect monthly in small groups with national experts in Catholic education. Coaches support participants as they implement learned strategies in their school communities.

(3) Winter: The second in-person three-day, two-night experience that includes professional education, personal faith formation, and continued community development. This winter experience is held at the Connors Center, in Dover, MA.

(4): Spring: Continued professional education delivered virtually and monthly conversations and coaching sessions with a national expert. 

The cost to participate in the selected Emmaus Leadership Academy is $1,000 per person. Leaders are encouraged to utilize Title II funding to support enrollment in Emmaus. Scholarships are available for interested leaders unable to access Title funds for this opportunity.

Participation in each academy will be limited to 30 individuals. Schools may register up to three team members per school, one of which must be the school leader. Registration will be open (until April 30th, or) until all spaces are filled. Notifications will be sent on a rolling basis, and any registrations beyond capacity will be placed on a waitlist.




2020-2021 Leadership Academies Offered: 

Emmaus 3

Mission & Catholic Identity: Transforming School Culture
Facilitated by John Reyes, Ed.D. and Cara Blanchette

Vibrant school cultures with a laser-like focus on mission and vision have the power to transform the trajectories of children, families, and communities, but they must be envisioned, designed with intentionality, and cultivated. Learning experiences in this topic center on identifying and assessing school culture, determining leverage points to shift culture in service of the school's mission and vision, managing resistance, building coherence, and fostering relationships in the midst of change. (NSBECS 5.2, 5.6, 6.2, 6.7)


Operational Vitality: Enrollment Management and School Finance
Facilitated by Phil Gonzalez and Cristina Espino

This academy supports leaders in understanding the art and science of enrollment management efforts, while also deepening their understanding of school finance. Learning experiences center on strengthening your brand, clarifying marketing pillars, enhancing recruitment strategies, improving financial literacy, and how to leverage capacity of team and board members for financial viability. (NSBECS 10.1, - 10.8, 13.1-13.3)

Emmaus 2

Emmaus 1

Governance & Leadership Academy: Board Management & Strategic Planning
Facilitated by Dr. Melodie Wyttenbach, Ph.D. and Chris Rebuck

Leveraging the talents of your board members and understanding how to manage this critical group of stakeholders, while also having an eye for the mission and vision of your Catholic school are essential skills a school leader must embrace. This academy provides leaders with the essentials of effective board management, and coaches leaders through how to execute the strategic planning process. (NSBECS 10.1, - 10.8, 13.1-13.3)


Since 2012, the Emmaus Leadership Series continues to connect:


25 States
School Leaders
Teachers and Staff
42 Dioceses
Infographic 1
The Emmaus Series has been among the highlights of my tenure as principal. Whether it’s the opportunity to learn from fellow Catholic administrators, or the wide range of remarkably relevant and useful sessions, or their strong focus on the National Standards and Benchmarks, the program offers “the whole package.” I cannot urge you enough to take advantage of this outstanding group of mentors, professors and, yes, friends.
Kevin Collins, Principal, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Dover, NH