SEL Academy

The SELebrate Students Academy provides school leaders, faculty, and staff with the resources to support students in the work of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), with a particular emphasis on how SEL can be adapted to meet the needs of the current moment. This 10-month program (with an option for a second year) includes in-person seminars, virtual webinars, professional learning community conversations, and customized in-person coaching throughout the academic year.

Students’ abilities to engage and to learn are predicated on their social and emotional health. The SELebrate Students Academy provides educators with the tools to ensure that students feel safe and seen, which increases prosocial behavior, academic achievement, and greater overall success and enjoyment in learning and in life.

SELebrate Students Academy Objectives

Based on CASEL’s core competency areas of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, participants in the SELebrate Students Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Academy will learn to:

  • Articulate a purpose and rationale for SEL in which they develop a shared understanding and vision for SEL in their school community;
  • Assess current SEL practices in their school community utilizing an SEL asset-based inventory;
  • Set goals and develop a roadmap for implementation within the school community;
  • Adapt SEL, given the needs of the current moment;
  • Attend to community-family engagement by developing an SEL improvement plan that engages all stakeholders to support student social-emotional health and well-being; and
  • Create a national community of Catholic educators who dialogue with expert leaders and teachers with demonstrated commitment to SEL.

Academy Information



The SELebrate Students Academy is designed for elementary Catholic school teachers and leaders.


2021-2022 Dates

  • The program begins August 2-3, 2021, with an in-person seminar at Boston College from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. both days.
  • In October / November / February / March, participants participate in one-hour virtual webinars.
  • In September / January, participants receive in-person customized coaching and professional development at their school. (In-person coaching and professional development for schools outside of New England will depend on coach availability.)
  • The program concludes with an in-person seminar in Spring 2022. Dates to be determined.

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Year 1:

The cost is $7,500 for a team of three leaders / teachers per school. Schools may add more teachers for an additional $2,500 per person. First-year participants receive:

  • a two-day in-person seminar at Boston College, August 2-3, 2021;
  • virtual webinars in October, November, February, and March;
  • in-personal customized coaching and professional development in September and January (subject to coach availability for participants outside of New England); and
  • a concluding two-day in-person seminar at Boston College, Spring 2022 (dates and times to be determined).


Year 2:

The second year of the program is optional and includes ongoing coaching for schools that have completed year 1 of the program. Schools that register for a second year are charged $5,000 for ongoing monthly coaching and professional development support.


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Registration is limited to 15 schools per year.

The deadline to register is July 1 of each year.

REGISTER here for the SELebrate Students Academy.

About the Facilitator: Molly McMahon, Ph.D.

Molly McMahon

The SELebrate Students Social Emotional Learning Academy is facilitated by Dr. Molly McMahon, director of Leadership Programs at the Roche Center. Molly has more than 20 years of administrative experience in Catholic and public schools, and has served as a teacher-leader and principal. Most recently, Molly was instrumental in helping Chelmsford Public Schools facilitate SEL effectively in all schools as approved Tier 3 SEL sites. Molly holds a doctorate in K-12 administration from Boston College.