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Transitioning to Virtual Learning: A Guide for Catholic School Educators

Given the Cov-19 global pandemic, this virtual learning guide was developed for educators of Catholic schools as they support their students, parents, and caregivers in their community. It is important to note this guide is not exhaustive. It simply provides Catholic educators with recommendations and resources for virtual learning. It is our hope that all children in our schools will continue to thrive academically, spiritually, and communally at home, while also protecting the health and safety of students, parents, caregivers and educators. We hope this guide demonstrates how we are called to be a beacon of light for one another during this time of uncertainty. 


How To Teach Remotely course

How to Teach Remotely Courses

Beginner Course:

This free asynchronous course, developed by Roche Center Practitioner Fellow Arielle Gannon, founder of teacherCODE, has been delivered at no cost to over 300 Catholic educators on How to Teach Remotely: Beginner Course. This crash course covers such things as: How to use video conferencing to effectively teach remote classes, how to effectively design your remote learning classroom, and possible roadblocks and how to overcome them. Click here to register and begin your free course today.

Intermediate Course:

This course is for teachers looking to advance their remote teaching skills. This course examines such things as how to make your virtual class more interactive, how to plan and pace a 3-day lesson on Google Classroom, and tutorials on online learning platforms. Click here for more information.



In Partnership with the Church in the 21st Century (C21), the Roche Center has developed programming and resources to support Catholic educators looking to develop community and deepen their faith, and the faith of children, during this time of social distancing.

Transitioning to Virtual Learning: A Guide for Catholic School Educators.

Faith Feeds for Catholic Educators

Faith Feeds is an initiative by Boston College’s Church in the 21st Century Program (C21), a Center that serves as a catalyst and resource for renewal of the Catholic Church in the United States. Faith Feeds was originally designed for individuals in Catholic parishes who are hungry for opportunities to talk about their faith with others who share it. Considering many Catholic schools are an extension of a parish, in partnership with the Roche Center for Catholic Education, a customized set of guides have been developed for Catholic educators interested in gathering together in community to discuss their faith during this time of social distancing. Click here to learn more.


Breakfast with God

Breakfast with God

Breakfast with God is a Sunday morning opportunity for families to celebrate the themes of the Gospel, pray together, enjoy a read-a-loud and other creative activities. This thirty-minute program is recommended for parents and children (recommended ages 10 and under). This program is facilitated by Fr. Tran, S.J., of Boston College, and Ms. Krane of St. Columbkille. This program is facilitated in partnership with the Church in the 21st Century Program (C21) and the Roche Center.

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National Catholic Education Association

NCEA Webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to Catholic education, with special webinars featured during this time of the pandemic. All participants will receive the recorded webinar and presentation files for reference and inclusion among other professional learning resources.



Changing Our World

Forging Forward:
A virtual philanthropic conference series on idea sharing, innovative solutions, and a path forward. Recommended Sessions:
Session #2 (March 27): Part One: Engaging and
Informing the Nonprofit Community / Part Two: Implications for Educational Institutions
Session #4 (April 10th): Keeping Donors Engaged And Giving
Session #5 (April 17th) Part One: Fundraising in Today’s Environment / Part Two: Navigating the CARES Act