Eva Wilson

Eva Wilson is a Doctoral Candidate in the Counseling Psychology program at Boston College. She earned her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College and her Bachelors in Psychology from Yale University.

Eva joined the team as a masters student in 2012 and recently served as the ISPRC team leader (2016-2017) and Diversity Challenge conference co-coordinator (2016 & 2017). During her time on the team, Eva has volunteered as a Burke High School advocate, coordinated a Boston College discussion group for female students of Color, and conducted cultural competency trainings for the 2014-15 cohort of Burke advocates. Additionally, she has collaborated with the Boston College AHANA and Intercultural Center and the Office of Student Formation to develop a curriculum for the Racial Identity Development Experience (RIDE) retreat, aimed at engaging undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds on conversations about race and racial identity development. Eva has also provided trainings to local college counseling centers on issues of cultural identity and multicultural awareness.

She is currently working on projects investigating the use of the PRIAS with Multiracial populations, Invisibility Theory as it applies to Black girls, and conceptualizing the “Achievement Gap” in education and psychology research. Her research interests include multiracial identity development, the intersection of gender and racial identity, and family messages about race. In addition, she is interested in college student development and mentorship, as well as program development aimed at supporting college students of Color. 

Eva’s clinical experience includes individual and group therapy in college counseling and community mental health settings. Her work experience has predominantly focused on addressing the needs of diverse, underserved populations in urban settings. 

In her spare time, Eva enjoys cooking, theater, dance, travel, and painting. 


Eva Wilson