What We Do

The Institute offers pragmatic information about teaching, conducting research, and applying interventions intended to promote the benefits of racial and ethnic cultural diversity and resolve related social problems.  The Institute is unique in its emphasis on addressing psychological issues related to race and ethnic culture from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Our Mission

Race and culture are social constructions with educational and psychological implications with respect to how people function in society.  Of special relevance to the Institute are the interactions among race and/or culture and education, mental health, and vocation. The psychological aspects of race and culture in these domains are rarely examined, although much social policy proceeds as though such investigations have occurred. Moreover, in the social policy arena, race and culture typically are treated as human deficiencies rather than potential resources.

The mission of the Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture is to promote a more complete understanding of race and culture in society through psychological study and related psycho-educational interventions. The Institute is intended to foster national and international collaboration between educators, mental health providers, and scholars with interests in the psychological study of race, culture, and social policy. It is intended to acquire, disseminate and apply knowledge about populations for whom more racial or cultural information would be beneficial. Specific goals of the Institute are focused in the areas of research and scholarship, practice, and social policy.