Master's Policies and Procedures

(Updated July 2019)

The following policies and procedures are specific to the Lynch School. In addition to the information contained here, please also consult the web pages for your particular program and the following Lynch School and University-wide websites for more information.

Lynch School Student Forms
BC Office of Student Services
University Academic Services
University Academic Policies and Procedures

Table of Contents

Beginning a Master's Program
Admission to the Master’s Programs in the Lynch School
Nondegree (Special) Students
Fifth Year Program (For Boston College Juniors)
How to check/update your personal information in the BC computer systems UIS and Agora
Graduate Full-Time Enrollment Status

Financial Support
Financial Aid
Assistantships & Fellowships (General Information) 
Information on Conference Reimbursement (GEA)

Academic Programs and Requirements
Role of the Academic Advisor
Program of Study
Changes to Programs of Study
Transfer of Credit
Independent Study/Readings and Research
Human Subjects Reviews

Academic Policies
Academic Integrity
Academic Standing
Academic Standards Committee
Grievance Procedure

Comprehensive Examination: Master's
Registration for the Comprehensive Examination
Critical Literature Review


Leave of Absence/Withdrawal
Leave of Absence
Withdrawal from the University