Solutions for Teachers

These days, teachers are asked to do it all. We want to help you focus on just one thing: teaching. 

How can City Connects help?

By directly addressing the out-of-school obstacles that students carry into the classroom every day, City Connects lets you focus on your essential teaching mission. Each year, our City Connects Coordinator — a master’s level counselor or social worker — will sit down with you to review each student in your class. From this Whole Class Review, we identify students who are particularly vulnerable, conduct in-depth Individual Student Reviews for those students, develop individually tailored plans, and connect them to the services they need.

In the process, we lower the burden on you to address the out-of-school challenges that impede learning and contribute to behavior problems in the classroom.

City Connects leads to benefits for teachers and students.

By collaborating with City Connects on the Whole Class Review, teachers enhance their non-academic knowledge of their students, which then shapes their work in the classroom. Teachers tell us that they gain new awareness — both of the challenges facing individual students and of the dynamics of their class as a whole. They gain insights into their students that deepen their empathy and help them better reach each individual.

The Impact of City Connects

City Connects programs in early childhood and elementary schools have a positive impact on students.

School Readiness

City Connects Students demonstrate higher school readiness scores than students in comparison schools.

Standardized Test Scores

City Connects Students outperform their peers on standardized test scores.

Report Card Grades

City Connects Students achieve better report card scores in math, reading, behavior, work habits, and effort.


Students continue to show positive benefits in middle school after leaving City Connects schools.

Statewide Tests

Former City Connects Students outperform peers from comparison schools on statewide tests in both English Language Arts and Math.

Grade Repetition

Former City Connects Students have lower rates of being held back in grade through grade 9.

School Attendance

Former City Connects Students are significantly less likely to be chronically absent.


The effects of attending an elementary school with City Connects even persist into high school.

High School Admission

Former City Connects students are more likely to be admitted to rigorous exam schools.

Statewide Tests

Former City Connects students achieve Advanced or Proficient scores on grade 10 statewide tests in both English Language Arts and Math at a much higher rate.

Dropout Rate

Former City Connects students have a dropout rate that is approximately half that of students who never experienced City Connects.