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From test scores to classroom behavior, years of data show that City Connects students outperform their peers and thrive in and out of the classroom. 

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Explore our key findings. You’ll see that City Connects is committed to the continual evaluation of our programs and our outcomes. As an evidence-based intervention, we seek the highest standards of rigorous peer review for our research. Our results are reviewed by an external, independent review team of national experts.

City Connects is effective.

Our research has found consistent impacts on student achievement and thriving in early childhood and elementary school.

  • In preschool, City Connects students demonstrate higher school readiness scores than students in comparison schools. They demonstrate fewer and less-intense problem behaviors.
  • In elementary school, City Connects students outperform peers on academic report card scores and standardized tests. They outperform peers on report card scores in behavior, work habits, and effort.

The impacts — measured in terms of academic benefits and improved life chances — continue in secondary school, after students have left City Connects schools.

  • Middle school students who attended City Connects elementary schools outperform peers from comparison schools on statewide tests in both English Language Arts and Math.
  • Former City Connects students are significantly more likely to achieve Advanced or Proficient on grade 10 statewide tests in both English Language Arts and Math.
  • Former City Connects students are less likely to be chronically absent in middle and high school.
  • They have lower rates of being held back through grade 9.
  • If they attended City Connects schools from kindergarten through the end of the elementary years, they are about half as likely to drop out of school as peers who never attended City Connects schools.