City Connects has a positive and long-term effect on student achievement in middle and high school, as measured by statewide test scores.

The two charts below show that City Connects students outperform students from comparison schools and their Boston peers in middle school and that they are close to state proficiency levels on the English and Math MCAS.


MCAS English Proficiency
MCAS Math Scores


The benefits of City Connects are particularly notable for students at risk for poor literacy outcomes. This chart shows that English language learners who were in City Connects schools achieve close to state proficiency levels in the MCAS English Language Arts test by grade 8.


MCAS English ELL scores

Students who were enrolled in City Connects elementary schools received the foundational support they needed to manage the out-of-school challenges they faced. This support — customized to meet their individual needs — gave them a strong start and created a readiness to learn. The impact remains significant years later.

Source: The Impact of City Connects: 2014 Progress Report from the Boston College Center for Optimized Student Support.