Principal Satisfaction

In spring of 2016, City Connects surveyed principals about their satisfaction with the program. Of those who completed the survey, 94% reported they were satisfied with City Connects as a whole.

Principals were also highly satisfied with the work of City Connects Coordinators: 90% of principals reported satisfaction with the support Coordinators provide for students, teachers, and the school. Another strong indicator of principal satisfaction is that across all surveyed districts, 96% of principals would recommend City Connects to a principal in another school. In addition to being satisfied with the Coordinators’ work, 89% of principals indicated that student support has improved at their school as a result of City Connects.

Principals also recognized the helpfulness of City Connects with such important areas as student behavior, teachers’ ability to support students in the classroom, and connecting families to services.


“City Connects is a HUGE benefit to the [school]!  They help families and students get what they need—and what the school is ill-equipped to provide.  There are multiple students and families that get service they never would have received if it weren't for City Connects.”—Boston principal