Nov 10, 2015

Economist Study finds City Connects to be a Cost Effective Solution

Columbia's Teachers College Newsroom

We are pleased to post this recent article from Columbia University, which highlights research showing that the City Connects approach is cost effective. Dr. Henry Levin, the William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Economics & Education, is a nationally recognized expert in benefit-cost studies in education. His method assesses whether the costs of implementing effective interventions yield savings to society by generating increases in taxable income or by reducing utilization of public assistance, health care, and the criminal justice system. In the case of City Connects, Levin finds the estimated return on investment is 3:1, meaning society will save three dollars for every dollar invested in the City Connects model. The article states that “previous studies have demonstrated that students who attend elementary schools affiliated with City Connects outperform their peers well into high school, with better test scores, higher grades, more consistent attendance, less retention in grade and lower dropout rates.” Levin’s new report shows that “the program is remarkably cost effective, too.”

Sep 10, 2015

City Connects Op-Ed: Dealing with stressors at urban schools

Commonwealth Magazine

In an op-ed piece in Commonwealth Magazine, Mary Walsh (founder of City Connects) and Andre Ravenelle (president of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents) examine how City Connects links social workers and students.

Aug 6, 2015

Cost Benefit Study of City Connects

Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education

The Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education just published a study demonstrating that even under conservative assumptions, the benefits of City Connects outweigh the costs.

Aug 6, 2015

City Connects Launches a new website!

City Connects launched a new website with a brand new logo and layout.

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"City Connects results offer powerful support for what should be common sense: when we address the challenges poor students face both within and beyond schools, they flourish."

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