Aug 8, 2016

City Connects highlighted in the New York Times

"If City Connects were a company, Warren Buffett would snatch it up."

Jul 26, 2016

City Connects honored as esteemed partner by Children’s Vision Massachusetts

Boston Public School Nurses to recognize City Connects at the Children's Vision Eastern Massachusetts 2016 Summit.

Jul 18, 2016

Lynch School of Education Researchers Discuss the Cost-Benefit Returns of City Connects

A blog post on the Brookings Institute's Brown Center Chalkboard discusses research showing that the benefits of supporting students' out-of-school needs can outweigh the costs.

Jul 14, 2016

New Profit Makes Philanthropic Investment in City Connects

A new partnership with New Profit, Inc will support City Connects’ efforts to expand the impact of its evidence-based model of “whole child” support services and increase access to the pioneering research and best practices developed by the initiative.

Jun 30, 2016

City Connects Restored to two Boston schools

City Connects is pleased to announce that we will continue to serve about 9,000 students across Boston this fall, including the students of the Edison and Jackson/Mann schools. The two school principals, working closely with central office staff from the Boston Public Schools, have been able to identify funding that will close the shortfall that had led to the reduction of two positions by City Connects.

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"City Connects results offer powerful support for what should be common sense: when we address the challenges poor students face both within and beyond schools, they flourish."

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