In addition to our academic programs, CIHE frequently designs and delivers professional development seminars and training modules for higher education administrators, leaders, policymakers, and academics.

Seminars and modules may run for one day, several days, or for several weeks, and can be delivered at Boston College or elsewhere in the world. Curricula and training methodologies are developed jointly with client organizations and institutions, and typically aim to provide participants with global perspectives on key issues in leadership, management and strategic planning in higher education, often with a specific focus on matters of internationalization and global engagement.

CIHE's location in the Boston area, home to tens of institutions of higher learning of many different sizes and profiles, offers a unique "living laboratory" for the training around many different dimension of the higher education enterprise.

Please contact CIHE for more information about possible training or professional development support.

Upcoming Opportunities


WES-CIHE Summer Institute

June 10-12, 2020

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IGLU Workshop

June 22-26th, 2020

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Summer Series

Summer 2020, Credit Courses

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