CIHE Partners

Partners related to International Higher Education and associated publications

International Higher Education is translated into Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese. All of these translations are completed by CIHE partners around the world, including:

  1. the National Research University Higher School of Economics’ Center for Institutional Studies in Russia
  2. the Pontifical Catholic University’s Center for Research on Educational Policy and Practice (CEPPE) in Chile
  3. SEMESP in Brazil
  4. Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Graduate School of Education in China
  5. FPT University in Vietnam

As of 2020, International Higher Education is published by DUZ Academic Publishers in Germany.

Our four associated publications are also published by CIHE partners:

  1. The National Research University Higher School of Economics’ Center for Institutional Studies also publishes Higher Education in Russia and Beyond
  2. The Universidad del Norte (Colombia) hosts The Journal of Higher Education in Latin America (ESAL)
  3. Higher Education in Southeast Asia and Beyond (HESB) is published by the HEAD Foundation
  4. The International Journal of African Higher Education (IJAHE) is published by the International Network for Higher Education in Africa, a network – established in 2003 – which aims to bring together scholars, experts, practitioners, policy makers, funders, students, and others engaged in research and development focused on Africa. INHEA is jointly hosted by CIHE and the University of Kwazulu-Natal (South Africa), under the leadership of its founding director, Professor Damtew Teferra. The work undertaken by INHEA is supported by generous funds from the Carnegie corporation.

Partners related to the MA in International Higher Education

  1. CIHE has a long-standing relationship with the Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico). Most recently, we launched a dual degree MA program in International Higher Education, whereby students from Guadalajara are accepted to complete one year (i.e. 16 credits) at Boston College and an equivalent number of credits at UdG, culminating in the acquisition of degrees from both Boston College and UdG.
  2. As of 2019, graduates of Sophia University (Japan) are invited to apply, via a streamlined process, to the MA program in International Higher Education. For further information about the Sophia-BC partnership, please contact Rebecca Schendel, CIHE Managing Director.

CIHE also has a number of agreements with universities around the world, who have committed to sending their faculty and staff to our MA and Certificate programs, at a discounted rate.

Professional Development Partners

Each year, CIHE runs two large-scale professional development events, on behalf of two key CIHE partners:

  1. The WES-CIHE Summer Institute, aimed at graduate students and other young professionals, is organized in conjunction with World Education Services in New York
  2. The annual workshop on internationalization and innovation in higher education for university administrators from Latin America is organized on behalf of IGLU (the Institute for Management and Leadership in Higher Education of the Inter-American University Association)

Other partners

  1. CIHE also works closely with La Trobe University (Australia), 
  2. the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’s Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI) in Italy, and
  3. the Cross-Border Education Research Team (C-BERT) at SUNY Albany (USA).