CIHE would not exist without our extensive network of friends and colleagues.

Many of our closest collaborators have started their time with us as visiting scholars. It is a vital part of our work, and something about which we are very proud!
Rebecca Schendel, Managing Director

Research Fellows

Dr. Elena Denisova-Schmidt

CIHE-related expertise: Higher Education Corruption Monitor

Dr. Kara A. Godwin

CIHE-related expertise: Liberal Education


Professor Ellen Hazelkorn

CIHE-related expertise: higher education policy and institutional and system governance

Professor Betty Leask

CIHE-related expertise: Internationalizaton of curriculum, teaching, and learning

Dr. Iván Pacheco

CIHE-related expertise: Quality, Latin America

Dr. Liz Reisberg

CIHE-related expertise: Professional training, Latin America, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Laura E. Rumbley 

CIHE-related expertise: Internationalization of higher education

Dr. Jamil Salmi

CIHE-related expertise: System-wide policy development and governance

Professor Damtew Teferra

CIHE-related expertise: International Network for Higher Education in Africa

Dr. Qi Wang

CIHE-related expertise: Chinese Higher Education

Visiting Scholars

Wen Wen

Dr Wen Wen is currently an associate professor in higher education at Tsinghua University’s Institute of Education and vice director of the university's Centre for Asian Studies.

Her latest research interests encompass higher education policy, comparative and international higher education, higher education internationalization, and college student development and assessment. Over ten years she has led over 20 influential research projects, authored over 50 publications in English and Chinese. She is currently the associate editor of Studies in Higher Education.

Dr. Wen participated as an Honorary Visiting Scholar in Hong Kong University and a Fulbright Scholar in Harvard University.



Dr. Huiyuan Ye was a Research Analyst of Learning Science and Workforce Insights at College for America, Southern New Hampshire University. He is also an Associate Editor of the International Academic Forum (IAFOR) Journal of Education, Issue of Undergraduate Education.  

His research interests include liberal arts education in East Asia and disruptive innovation in higher education. He has been collaborating with Duke University and Duke Kunshan University (China) on developing a public advocacy framework for liberal arts education/institutions in China.