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In University World News

When will India build world-class research universities? -- by Philip G Altbach and Pankaj Jalote

Addressing research inequalities exacerbated by COVID-19 -- by Hans de Wit and Philip G Altbach  

Chemistry Nobel highlights importance of women in science -- by Philip G Altbach  

Nirvana’s not coming – IHE implications of the US election -- by Philip G Altbach and Hans de Wit

In South China Morning Post

Singapore’s limits show a possible future for Hong Kong academic freedom -- by Philip G. Altbach and Gerard A. Postiglione

Other Publications

Diatta, J. B. (2020). Manual for Developing Intercultural Competencies . Journal of International Students, 10(4), 1117-1119.

De Wit, H. (2020). La internacionalización de las Instituciones de Educación Superior. En Fereico Férnandez Christlieb y Alejandro Velázquez Montes (Coordinadores), La Internacionalización de la Universidad pública: retos y tendencias. Una visión desde la UNAM. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico. Pp. 49-58.

De Wit, H., & Altbach, P. G (2020). Internationalization in higher education: global trends and recommendations for its future. Policy Reviews in Higher Education.

Contributions from Hans de Wit, Lisa Unangst and several CIHE visiting scholars in the new book, Higher Education Student Affairs and Services 

Unangst, L. (2020). International alumni engagement: Operations, leadership, and policy at U.S research universities. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Leadership Studies, 1(2), 63-77.

Wang, L., & DeLaquil, T. (2020). The isolation of doctoral education in the times of COVID-19: Recommendations for building relationships within person-environment theory. Higher Education Research & Development.