From the Campus School to Corporate America

How can you inject fun and enthusiasm into the corporate environment? How do you apply communication skills as a digital marketer? Johnny Tringl found out at the Campus School.

Johnny didn’t plan to work with children with complex learning needs when he got to Boston College. And after graduating, he still didn’t, but four years volunteering at the Campus School taught him invaluable lessons he can apply to his career in corporate America.

An involved high schooler, Johnny chose Boston College partly because he sensed it was a place where people were active in the community, where others helped those around them. And Johnny was ready to contribute to a cause he really believed in.

Johnny Tringl and a Campus School Student

“Being buddied with Jack was the best thing that happened to me at Boston College. That kid, every day, no matter what, did his best at everything with such enthusiasm. He inspires me.”

That’s why, during an orientation fair, Johnny found himself drawn to the Campus School table, where students and volunteers promoted the program together. Johnny was impressed to see the delight on the students’ faces and the sheer joy emanating from the volunteers. He quickly joined the buddy program and was paired with four-year-old Jack.

The Campus School taught Johnny not just to treat everyone equally, but to treat each person like they have a story—because they do. He learned that everyone works and communicates in different ways and deserves the same respect and support. Most importantly, Johnny learned to always maintain excitement and enthusiasm for life.

Eventually, Johnny became the volunteer co-president. With his comfort in the classroom, he enjoyed working with students and teachers to make sure everyone had what they needed to excel. As he embarks on a career in digital marketing, he’s certain his lessons from the Campus School will continue to apply to his interpersonal and professional interactions.