Message from the Director

Director Barbara Cataldo

Welcome to the Campus School at Boston College.  It is a privilege to serve as the new Director beginning this fall.  The comprehensive teaching approach, cutting-edge research and evidence-based practices employed in the classroom, is what makes the Campus School a special place to learn and develop.

For almost five decades the Campus School at Boston College has served as a beacon of opportunity for students who flourish with exemplary teaching approaches and specialized curriculum.  Our students, ages 3-22, are the stars of our program. The opportunities provided by being located in the heart of the campus of Boston College are immeasurable.

We are a private, publicly funded, special education, day school situated in the heart of the Lynch School of Education and Human Development on the grounds of Boston College.  Educators utilize a transdisciplinary approach that includes educators, specialists and medical professionals working together to provide a student-centered classroom.  Each student’s strengths are reflected in the planning and production on a daily basis provided by a dedicated staff.  Parents are an integral part of the process.

We invite families to visit us and learn how our expert team can create comprehensive programs that support students, both educationally and emotionally.  Our vibrant classrooms and dedicated staff offer students the opportunity to excel.  The Campus School has been and will continue to be a remarkable educational forum.  I am honored to be a part of this talented team of individuals who continually hone their skills and seek new learning opportunities allowing our students to shine.

Thank you for visiting our website. You can read more about our studentscurriculumsupport services or the research we conduct on campus. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Barbara J. Cataldo, Ed.D.