Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars Program

Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars

The Charles F. Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars program is an intensive one-year Masters in Education, M.Ed., program leading to teacher licensure, that seeks to prepare K-12 teachers to work effectively with students and families in urban schools throughout the country. The Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars Program builds on specific programs of study with interactive urban education seminars, critical inquiry research, social justice education, and community building that is responsive to the academic and socio-cultural needs of urban youth and their families.

Each year the program recruits nationally for a diverse cohort of up to 30 graduate students, many of whom were educated in urban schools themselves, and aspire to give back to their communities in constructive and life long ways. For the majority of applicants, the Donovan program is their initial step into urban teaching. Some have prior teaching experience, or hold a license in elementary or secondary education and want to add a license in new subject areas. Other students are in the process of career change, but all are dedicated to preparing themselves to work as teachers in urban schools. Donovan Urban Scholars may select from the following programs: Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Moderate Special Needs.

Phonenumber: 617-552-0695.

Why the Donovan Program?

Supportive Cohort Experience

Donovan Scholars participate in cohort centered courses and professional development courses. In addition, scholars in our cohorts are provided opportunities to leverage the dense bonding and diverse bridging relationships that are built into their Practicum experiences to grow as teachers and educators. Ultimately, our graduates go on to enjoy rewarding positions in urban education settings around the world.  

Commitment to Diversity

Driven by the philosophy that educator diversity within urban schools should reflect the diverse population of students they serve, the program commits to recruiting aspiring educators of color.

Year-Long Practicum

Donovan Scholars are committed to pre- or full- practicum (student teaching) in our partner urban schools in mini-cohorts with our Donovan alumni. Additionally, the program has the capacity to adapt practicum requirements, if you are working as a teacher or teaching assistant in the local area. 

Inquiry Based Urban Teacher Education

The Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars Program builds on specific programs of study and intergrates interactive year-long shared inquiry seminars, classroom based research, exploration of the relationships beteween theory and practice, and co-construction of critical perspectives about teaching, learning, and schooling and improving teaching and learning.

Alumni Community and Engagement

Strong alumni mentoring and induction opportunities are provided for Donovan Scholars post graduation.

At a Glance


How many courses?

The number of courses vary by program of study. 

How long will it take?

Full-time students complete the program in 1 year.

When can I start?

Students must begin the program in the Summer semester in order to complete the program in 1 year. 

Financial Assistance

All Donovan Scholars receive 50% tuition remission. In addition, the Lynch School of Education Graduate Admissions office and Urban Outreach Initiatives works with each Donovan Scholar to create a generous financial package that may include additional grants, scholarships and internships. Applicants should complete the FAFSA process. Upon graduation, Donovan Scholars commit to teach in urban schools (Catholic, charter or public) for at least 3 years.

Application Information


If you have questions about the application, please email If you have questions regarding the receipt of application materials, please email


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December 1
Regular Decision

Apply Now

In order to apply to the Donovan program, applicants must:

  • Demonstrate a prior commitment to meeting the needs of children and families in urban areas
  • Submit an application to the Lynch School of Education, and be accepted into a M.Ed. of Education program in early childhood, elementary, secondary, or moderate special needs education. (Please check Donovan in the pull-down menu. Indicate your interest in Urban Education and Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars in your personal statement).

Apply Now

A non-refundable application fee of $75 is required, however, this fee is waived for select applicants. To view the list of approved waivers, view the Application Fee Waiver criteria below.

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