Community Justice & Engaged Pedagogy Events

The initiative convenes a variety of events on topics related to community justice and engaged pedagogy such as:

  • innovative policy and emerging practices
  • models for public engagement and community action
  • higher education pedagogy and community-based learning
  • impacts of educational and psychosocial interventions

Forum on Re-entry

7-8:30pm, Monday the 12th of April

Join us for a virtual panel discussion, hosted by Inside-Out Program Coordinator, Matt DelSesto.

Each year in the United States, more than 600,000 people are released from federal and state prisons, with an additional 9 million cycling through the nation’s jails. This forum will address some of the challenges faced by those returning from incarceration. The discussion will explore how individuals and organizations are responding to systemic challenges of this moment and imagining new approaches to community safety.

Stacey Borden (Founder and Executive Director of New Beginnings Reentry Services) and Carl Miranda (Director of Roca Boston) will offer opening remarks, with responses and dialogue facilitated by former participants in the Boston College Inside-Out Program.

This event is made possible through generous support from the Hearst Foundations. It is sponsored by the Boston College Inside-Out Program and Initiative for Community Justice and Engaged Pedagogy.

Event Details

Date: Monday, April 12th

Time: 7 - 8:30 pm 


Contact Matt DelSesto to obtain more information.

After Prison Education

5-6:30pm, Thursday the 12th of November

Join us for a virtual discussion on prison education within and beyond prison walls, facilitated by Boston College Prison Education Program Director, Dr. Isabel Lane.

Education—most especially higher education—has long been viewed as a cornerstone of American social mobility and opportunity. In response, in part, to the crisis of mass incarceration, both private and state colleges and universities across the United States have increasingly invested in prison education initiatives to give people a chance to begin or complete a college education while incarcerated. At the same time, in the United States more than 95% percent of all people held in state prisons will be released, and almost all of those currently in county jails or houses of correction will soon return to communities. In Massachusetts alone, thousands of people return home from incarceration each year. For these students, college-in-prison programs represent only the beginning in their pursuit of careers or further education. 

Boston College recently launched two initiatives aimed at creating more of these opportunities for incarcerated students in the state of Massachusetts: the Prison Education Program, a Bachelor of Arts degree program at Massachusetts Correctional Institution-Shirley, and an Inside-Out Program at the Suffolk County House of Correction, which both offer credit-bearing Boston College courses. In this context, the After Prison Education virtual discussion will explore what colleges and universities can do to best support students during and after incarceration. It looks at the value of higher education in prison, different models for engaging students through the process of reentry, what program qualities contribute to student success, and how insights and approaches from the Jesuit, Catholic Tradition at Boston College can contribute to this work. 

Event Details

Date: Thursday, November 12th

Time: 5 - 6:30 pm 

Event Flier

Contact Matt DelSesto to obtain more information.

Moving Beyond the Walls That Separate Us

5-6:30pm on Thursday the 19th of November

Join us for a virtual celebration of the Boston College Inside-Out Program, hosted by Inside-Out Program Coordinator, Matt DelSesto.

The 21st Century has been a time of increasingly global connection, and at the same time, it has

brought new political, social, and physical divides that sometimes seem insurmountable.  One of these divides is the experience of incarceration, where what actually happens within prison walls is hidden from public view while those on the inside have little connection to the outside world.

Since 2018, the Inside-Out Program at Boston College has brought students from the Chestnut Hill Campus to learn together with incarcerated students at the Suffolk County House of Correction. After two full academic years, we look back to see the impacts and role of the Inside-Out Program at these two different institutions. The event will include a keynote presentation from the Temple University Inside-Out Center on the history and philosophy of Inside-Out, remarks from administration at Boston College and Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, and reflections from the Program Coordinator and former students. At the conclusion of the event we will officially release a report on the Inside-Out Program: “Advancing Transformative Learning Partnerships.” 


Event Details

Date: Thursday, November 19th

Time: 5 - 6:30 pm 

Event Flier

Contact Matt DelSesto to obtain more information.

Justice Inside-Out Speaker + Film Series

The Justice Inside-Out Speaker + Film Series explored perspectives on crime and justice from both sides of prison walls. It built on conversations and topics in the Boston College Inside-Out Program that have brought together students from Boston College campus and the Suffolk County House of Correction for credit-bearing courses since Fall 2018. This series was generously supported by The Hearst Foundations. It was sponsored by the Boston College Inside-Out Program, Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Sociology Department, Woods College of Advancing Studies, and the Faith, Peace & Justice Minor. 


Speaker + Film Series Flier

Contact Matt DelSesto to obtain more information.