Dual-language learning thrives at the Lynch School 

Twenty years ago, recognizing that the number of non-native speakers of English in the US was sure to expand dramatically, the Lynch School committed to building what is now a robust dual-language learning program. Today, Boston College faculty are leaders in the field.

Professor María Estela Brisk works with elementary school teachers in the Boston Public Schools to help children develop writing skills across the disciplines. Associate Professor Mariela Páez’s vocabulary-focused reading intervention program for bilingual kindergartners is now being introduced in every Boston public elementary school. Associate Professor C. Patrick Proctor teaches Boston elementary school teachers to develop language and literacy in all content areas.

Associate Professor Martin Scanlan encourages Catholic and public school leaders to embrace linguistic and cultural diversity. And Assistant Professor of the Practice Anne Homza focuses on making sure every Lynch School teacher education student gains some experience teaching English language learners before graduation.

To Boston Public Schools Principal Tamara Blake-Canty, the strengths students bring from their home languages help them learn the characteristics, structures, and functions of all language.

—John Shakespear


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