2012 Roundtable

The Nelson Chair Roundtable on Networking Community Based Programs was held at the Lynch School of Education, Boston College on April 12 & 13, 2012.  Participants included administrators from after school programs in Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Boston, New Jersey, Cambridge, MA, and Bermuda.

2012 Group Photo
The group, led by Dr. Anderson J. Franklin, Honorable David S. Nelson Chair, discussed the topics in an informal setting, enabling all to have a voice.  There were 6 main topics of discussion:
  1. Meeting Community Needs Through Organizational Mission & Vision: Updates, Challenges and Strategies
  2. Program Development, Diversity, Scale and Implementation
  3. Staffing, Professional Development & Collaborative Partnerships
  4. Program Impact & Outcomes: Evaluation, Research, Accountability Models
  5. Program Stability: Funding Streams, Development Strategies and Maintaining Mission Integrity
  6. Effective Leadership, Strategic Planning and Board Development

The structure of the Roundtable is based on the understanding that community-based programs are in a unique and often isolated position. The Roundtable is a small group of invited participants that creates a “think tank” atmosphere and provides a platform for critical discussion, idea diffusion, and constructive feedback.  During the meeting the programs further the development of effective models employed by them as well as share the challenges and offer each other support.  In addition, the Roundtable seeks to build leadership capacity within participating programs by expanding their leaders’ knowledge, awareness, and skills through expert speakers and trainings.  

Roundtable photo
Roundtable Photo
Roundtable Photo