2011 Roundtable

The 2011 Nelson Chair Roundtable on Networking Community Based Programs was held at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education on March 24 & 25, 2011. Participants included program administrators and expert consultants from Boston College, Cambridge, MA, New York, NY, New Orleans, LA, Portland, OR, and Miami, FL. Community leaders, educators and other resource people were in attendance. The discussions were led by Dr. Anderson J. Franklin, Honorable David S. Nelson Professional Chair.

The 2011 Roundtable was designed around five topics that participating program leaders found particularly relevant to their current experiences. The discussion around each topic included small group conversations surrounding three challenges and three strategies. The group then reconvened to share ideas generated during breakout discussions and to continue a focused discussion on one or two of the shared concepts.

  1. Program Development, Implementation and Community Challenges
  2. Addressing Violence in the Community
  3. Program Evaluation and Research
  4. Social Policy and Funding
  5. Leadership and Management
2011 Roundtable group photo
Roundtable 2011 photo
Roundtable 2011 photo
Roundtable 2011 photo