The Nelson Chair Roundtable was established in 2008 to provide a forum for university faculty and students to engage with community program leaders to exchange ideas about strategies, interventions, best practices, and evaluation methods to elevate effectiveness of Out-of-School Time (OST) programs in under resourced communities. The Roundtable strives to identify university faculty, students and any other expertise that can be a resource to increase the collective impact of organizations working in the community. The Roundtable also strives to align its work with the mission of the Lynch School of Education and Human Development.  Our aim is to promote the development of the “whole child” through university-community partnerships. The objective is to have a more coordinated collective impact upon the education and socio-emotional development of children.  The Roundtable assembles partners in an annual strategic planning meeting and provides consultations supporting partner initiatives according to need and available resources.

2017 Roundtable photo

The key objectives for the Nelson Chair Roundtable are to:

  • Reduce organizations working in isolation
  • Revisit missions to align with coalition building
  • Increase capacity for evaluation, research and policy development
  • Build upon organizational strengths
  • Promote strategies for sustainability
  • Promote mentorship among programs